Psychophysiological demand and Communication: Implications for Police Officers/ Persons In Crisis Encounters and Training. Author: Dr Camie Condon

In September of 2013, the emotionally distraught Sammy Yatim was fatally shot by Toronto Police Cst. James Forcillo while aboard a Toronto Transit street car. Video surveillance of the event reveals images of Yatim wielding a knife in one hand while exposing himself with the other. All passengers on the street car were able to exit … [Read more…]

Dissecting Crisis Communication Author: Benjamin Zaiser

As an interactive and mutual constitutive process between officer, civilian, and often also third parties, interpersonal communication is a crucial variable in the psychology of critical and major incidents involving law enforcement. Insight into the communicative dynamics underlying tactical decision making requires an understanding of the transactional nature of the corresponding crisis communication. Starting in spring … [Read more…]


From mid-2014, Islamic State (IS) began to use chemical weapons (CW) on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq. Since then, it has striven to develop more lethal CW, and formulate the necessary tactics to use them effectively. Through its territorial conquests in Syria and Iraq, it has gained access to a range of industrial chemicals … [Read more…]

Communication: A Crucial Variable in Tactical Decision Making Author: Benjamin Zaiser

A number of fatal police uses of force in North America have recently drawn public attention to the way police interact with citizens and, thus, make tactical decisions. The shootings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Sammy Yatim in Toronto, Canada (see video clip below), as well as the arrest of Eric Garner on … [Read more…]